The Principals

Bob Gomel

Life Magazine Photographer

The headline in a recent Albuquerque Journal article read: “Bob Gomel’s Photographs Compel Even after 40 Years.” The renowned LIFE photographer has documented many of the great moments and personalities of contemporary history. Articles and books have chronicled Bob’s adventures, including Art Buckwald’s “Leaving Home”, Yoko Ono’s “Memories of John Lennon”, “Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey,” “Malcolm X”, by Thulani Davis, Dick Stolley’s “Our Century in Pictures”. His work is exhibited at The Monroe Gallery, Santa Fe and the Jackson Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta

The Gomel logo

When Gomel first arrived in Houston in 1977, he was doing a lot of work for the Lyle Metzdorf Ad Agency. 
Lyle felt he should have a logo and asked his art directors to submit ideas. One came up with his name spelled out in silhouettes  of a photographer taking pictures. 
They commissioned a famous illustrator from San Francisco to create it. it won the award that year in the Houston Art Directors Club competition. I have used it ever since on my stationery.
The most interesting thing about it  is that females get it immediately, men have to be shown!

David Scarbrough


Photographer, videographer, entrepreneur David Scarbrough recently went to a routine doctor’s appointment. This happened to be during the Corona virus pandemic in 2020.
The nurse took his temperature on the way in. It registered 98.7 degrees, to which the nurse proclaimed, “That’s great! Almost normal.”
At that moment, Scarbrough had a realization that “Almost normal” pretty much summed up his entire life.
So, now when someone asks, “Is there something wrong with you?” He simply replies, “Nope. I’m almost normal.”