Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Q. When will the feature length version be released?
A. As of May 2020, most of the material is shot and edited. There are a few more pieces need to complete the project. The COVID19 situation prevents us from filming any new material. Once the COVID19 crisis is over we will finish filming the remaining content.

Q. How do I keep up to date on the progress?
A. Check back on this web site and our Facebook/Instagram pages linked at the bottom of the page. We will periodically put out clips and photos of the Bob’s work and out takes from the production of the documentary. We update these pages when more material is available.

Q. Who will be distributing the finished documentary?
A. Currently we do not have a distribution partner lined up. Interested parties please us the Contact Us form with your contact information.

Q. Can I purchase prints of Bob Gomel’s work?
A. Yes. Please visit the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM or see the prints available for sale at their online gallery

Q. Will there be a premier?
A. Yes. There will be an invitation only premier once the feature length documentary production is completed. Stay tuned.